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De Borrel

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Current members of this committee

Julia Kaptein Chairman
Robert Italiaander Secretary
Sjoerd Nieuwenhuis Treasurer
Christiaan Muetstege General member
Ewout Baars VP General member
Frans van Dijk General member
Gerolf Meulman VP General member
Guus Frijters VP General member
Hessel den Hertog VP General member
Ivo Varenhorst General member
Jessie Huiden General member
Koen Raben VP General member
Lars Essenstam General member
Lynn Bruins VP General member
Nick te Velde VP General member
Olaf van der Meer VP General member
Remmelt Fopma General member
Roel Mentink VP General member
Sjoerd van den Belt General member
Tobias Feijten VP General member
Willem Mulder General member
Wouter Pool VP General member
Eva Plas Probationary member
Herjan Barkman Probationary member
Jort van de Bovenkamp Probationary member
Mathijn Becker Probationary member
Rienk van der Wijk Probationary member
Maarten Bonnema CCP

Future activities organised by this committee

TokkEE's met KlokEE's

Thursday 23 January 2020 16:00, Abscint [De Borrel]


Are you also very passionate for a drink but do you want to be dressed as comfortably as possible?


This is now a possibility at the TokkEE’s with KlokEE’s borrel. Come in your sweatpants and dress as relaxed as you want. As our specialty beer, we have, ofcourse, Klok beer. We will make sure that the Klok is at room temperature, especially for you.



Food is order at the Mercurius snack bar: https://www.thuisbezorgd.nl/cafetaria-mercurius

VriMiBo Scintilla

Friday 31 January 2020 16:00, Abscint [De Borrel]

VriMiBo Scintilla

Friday 06 March 2020 16:00, Abscint [De Borrel]

VriMiBo Scintilla

Friday 03 April 2020 16:00, Abscint [De Borrel]

VriMiBo Scintilla

Friday 15 May 2020 16:00, Abscint [De Borrel]

VriMiBo Scintilla

Friday 12 June 2020 16:00, Abscint [De Borrel]

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