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Current members of this committee

Remmelt Fopma Praeses
Jort van de Bovenkamp Treasurer
Nadine Waninge Secretary
Harm Reurslag General member
Ivo Varenhorst General member
Marleen van Dijk General member
Mathijn Becker General member
Robert Italiaander General member
Simone Dulfer General member
Geert Vastenhoud Probationary member
Hidde Sikkema Probationary member
Rick Ruitenbeek Probationary member
Yoran Staal Probationary member
Lars Essenstam CCP

Future activities organised by this committee

Shooting Course

Tuesday 25 February 2020 19:00, Schietvereniging voor Enschede en Lonneker [EE-Sports]

What do the police, cowboys and school shooters have in common? Indeed, they go pew pew! It is very easy to do pew pew in America, but EE-Sports will enable you to also do pew pew in the Netherlands! (but safe and responsibly)

48th Batavierenrace interest list

Friday 01 May 2020 13:00, Nijmegen - Enschede [EE-Sports]

Do you enjoy running, are you interested to work on your endurance and strength, or would you at least like to represent Scintilla in the world's largest relay race? Then quickly put your name on this interest list!

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