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Current members of this committee

Sebastian Bunda VP Chairman
Hessel den Hertog VP Secretary
Lars Holm VP General member
Matthijs van Minnen VP General member
Olaf van der Meer VP General member
Pauline Lettinga General member
Rick Ruitenbeek General member
Sheona Sequeira General member
Herjan Barkman CCP

Future activities organised by this committee

Lustrum Radio presents: Lust-Rum

Friday 23 April 2021 20:00, On the radio [Lustrumcommissie]

Do you lust rum? We sure do lust rum! This evening Rick & Lars will present an amazing evening themed 'Lust-Rum.' The fun part is that you can join yourself.
Sign up together with your housemates, or get together a group of friends on the Scintilla Discord!

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