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Electrical Engineering

In order to supply electrical engineering students in their need for parts Scintilla has a special store, the STORES. This store is run by active members and is a non-profit organisation, which means the prices are kept low. The STORES also sells studybooks.

Scintilla also provides, with the assistance of the committee LEX, a variety of excursions to companies working with electronics, this in order to introduce students to the carrier-oppertunities after their study and to tell students about new research and development.
This committee also provides lunch lectures, which is done for the same reasons. At these lectures members can enjoy a free lunch and listen to an interesting presentation by a company or a graduate student, usually pertaining to the research they are working on or products they are developing.

Furthermore Scintilla offers, in cooperation with the two other electrical engineering study association in Delft and Eindhoven, the Electrip, during wich a number of students go to an European country in order to visit companys and to experience the local culture.

Once every two years Scintilla organises a bigger trip, the studyproject. This is generally a trip to a faraway country, for example Vietnam and Singapore (2009), the U.S.A. (2011) or China (2012). Students will prepare the trip by performing technical and cultural research on the destinations and on the actual trup the students wil visit companies and cultural hotspots.

Finally, Scintilla organizes a symposium once every two years. During this symposium a variety of people from the corporate and scientific sectors are invited in order to give a presentation on different subject pertaining to Electrical Engineering.

Besides all the different activities pertaining electrical engineering provided by Scintilla, there are two different publications made by Scintilla: The Vonk and "het Compendium Elektrotechniek".