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Exam database

In order to prepare yourself for the exams Scintilla has an exam database which can be found here.

[ÙPDATE] Corona Measures

Dear Members,

In consequence of the press conference about the extra measures against the COVID-19 virus, as given by former Minister Bruins of Medical Care and Sports and Minister Slob of Primary and Secondary Education and Media, we decided to extend the previously shared measures concerning Scintilla until the 6th of April.

Closure extended

In short, this means that all activities until the 6th of April will be cancelled in the same manner as the previously cancelled activities, and that the Scintilla room will also be closed until the 6th of April. This also means that the Board Interest Drink will be moved to the 8th of April. If for any reason the closure is prolonged, we will present a suitable alternative for everyone who might be interested in a board year and/or is looking for more information!

Study advisors

We understand that you might have many questions regarding your educational programme. Therefore, we would like to remind you that the study-advisors Kirsten and Nesar are still available during the closure of university facilities. If you have any questions regarding education, they are there to answer your questions. You can make appointments as usual at https://ewi.planner.utwente.nl/ or contact them via e-mail.

Other Notes

We would also like to stress that you should follow all the measures and advices given by the government and the RIVM. Only then will we be able to resume a normal lifestyle in the Netherlands as soon as possible.

For future updates, we would like to refer you to the news-page on the website.

You will receive another e-mail when there are big changes in the current measures. Until then, we will keep the news-page of Scintilla as updated as possible with the latest information.

Take care of yourselves, consider everything you do twice, and we hope to welcome you again as soon as possible in the Scintilla Room!

Kind regards,

The 90th board of E.T.S.V. Scintilla