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The Future of MEMS chip testing

woensdag 05 juni 2019 12:00, Salland Engineering [Extern]

On June 5th and 6th, Salland Engineering organizes a seminar about the future of MEMS chip testing where our business relations can meet, share innovative practical cases and discuss challenges with various stakeholders in the MEMS eco- system.

We like to welcome you on Wednesday June 5th at MAC³PARK stadium in Zwolle (soccer stadium of PEC Zwolle), The Netherlands. The program starts at 12:00 with a lunch, followed by the MEMS Seminar, Salland Tour and social evening event. On Thursday June 6th, the event will continue, followed by a demo from Solidus Technologies at 14:00. We end the seminar with drinks and snacks around 15:30.

Please follow the registration link below to our website for the latest event and program details.