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Lunch Lecture 3T

woensdag 05 februari 2020 12:30, CR 2K [LEX]

This lunchbreak Ronald Grootelaar from 3T will tell us all about High-Performance Motion Control with System-on-Chip Platform.

Products and systems increasingly use advanced motor drives to control cars, pumps, medical equipment, robots, and industrial automation. 3T has developed scalable digital amplifier platforms to kick-start customer projects and reduce development cost and time to market.

This talk focuses on applications developed and deployed using Model-based Design including C and HDL code generation.

Ronald Grootelaar of 3T discusses a high-speed sensorless brushless DC motor drive running a field-oriented control algorithm. The complete Controller/Plant model is closed in a multidisciplinary simulation environment to rapidly develop
control algorithms without the need for physical hardware and prove feasibility at an early stage.
After simulation, the Controller model is generated in C++ and VHDL code and deployed on INTEL or Xilinx SoC platforms.

Ronald will show how the model-based design approach helps to shorten lead time, assess feasibility through simulation and improve collaboration between different disciplines.

So come by for an interesting talk and of course free lunch!


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