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Lunchlezing Tecnotion

dinsdag 03 maart 2020 12:30, CR 2K [LEX]

Tecnotion LL

For this lecture, the speaker, Thorwald van Vuure from Tecnotion will speak on the topic 'The Effect of Tolerances as calculated by Finite Element Analysis'. 

During this presentation, a case will be discussed that is at the intersecion between four subjects: 

1) Finite Element Analysis

2) Electromagnetism, more specifically force of an electromotor

3) Statistics of (pseudo) random numbers

4) Tolerances

Taking tolerances into account for a calculation usually leads to a small deviation from a nominal value, but sometimes an entirely new effect is found. A case will be discussed where the spectrum of vibrations, caused by an electric motor shows new spectral lines when manufacturing tolerances are invluded in the Finite Element Analysis. 

The type of Stochastic Finite Element Analysis used here is called Monte Carlo. It is the most straight forward approach, where nominal values used in the calculation are replaced by random variates, drawn from a predefined random number distribution. 

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