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Scintilla's Activiteiten

Op deze pagina zie je een overzicht van de aankomende activiteiten, met, indien van toepassing, een mogelijkheid om je daarvoor in te schrijven.

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Virtual introduction to Accenture

maandag 30 november 2020 15:30, Microsoft Teams [Accenture]


Looking for job opportunities?

During these extraordinary times, it might be more difficult to check out possible employers and assess whether or not you like to work there - but we have a solution for you!

Are you a (recent) graduate seeking to craft your skills, build your network and get to know us as an employer? If yes, joining this online event is the perfect opportunity for you to connect with us and to get to know our company, beyond the brand. We explain the work we do, the type of people we have and what our culture is all about. 


  • The application process at Accenture
  • Different departments and how we are organized
  • Events
  • Open vacancies

Don't hesitate and sign up now for a virtual Accenture introduction. You will receive an email with the link of the program and instructions on how to use it.


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