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Herjan Barkman Voorzitter
Thomas McKeown Secretaris
Erik de Groot VP Penningmeester
Berjan Westerdijk Vraagbaak
Matthijs Aanen Grafisch
Robin Lohuis Vraagbaak
Arne Smit Algemeen lid
Hessel den Hertog Algemeen lid
Lars Holm Algemeen lid
Marleen van Dijk Algemeen lid
Sheona Sequeira Proeflid
Melissa Tijink CCP

Aankomende activiteiten door deze commissie

Lunchlezing ItoM

dinsdag 28 mei 2019 12:45, Carré 2k [LEX]

Next Level Biometric Sensing
Advances in microelectronics have led to smaller devices, ultra-low power consumption and better connectivity options. Also in biometric sensing, recent developments in signal quality have opened doors to new applications in the medical field. More specifically, new development within ItoM Medical has created super high quality amplifier technology that enables the measurement of complex and difficult to reach muscles such as the diaphragm. With this technology various applications are being brought to market, such as vital signs monitoring of newborns and self-management for children with asthma.

Borrellezing NNTS

maandag 03 juni 2019 16:00, SmartXP [LEX]

No Nonsense Technical Solutions (NNTS) provides challenging part time jobs for ambitious students. Electrical Engineering students can work for them on a diversity of technical projects, in which they develop hardware and/or software. In these projects, students get the opportunity to further develop their skills and use them in a practical context. During the pub lecture they will explain what it means to work for NNTS as a student. One of their electrical engineers will talk about the projects he participated in and show you what he learned. So are you looking to earn money by working an interesting part time job? Or are you just interested in what NNTS is doing? Join us at the pub lecture!




  •  Jeroen van Dorp (Assistant Project Manager NNTS, Master student Electrical Engineering)
  • Auke Reitsma (Marketing Specialist NNTS)



Lunchlezing ASML

woensdag 05 juni 2019 12:45, Carré 2K [LEX]

Excursie Salland Engineering

woensdag 12 juni 2019 12:30, Salland Engineering [LEX]

Salland Engineering is an international leading Test Technology & Engineering company specialized in solutions & services that enable semiconductor manufacturers to improve the efficiency and quality of their testing.

We will visit them on the 12th of June. More information on the program and signup will follow soon!

Lunchlezing Ricardo Rail

woensdag 12 juni 2019 12:45, Carré 3C [LEX]

Ricardo: transport consultancy from A to Z

Ricardo Rail is a global consultancy providing technical expertise and specialist engineering services to help clients navigate the rail industry's operational, commercial and regulatory demands.

During this lecture, Martijn will first tell us something about working at Ricardo Rail. After this Fabian will present three different case studies, to show you the different types of projects Ricardo Rail works on.

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