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At the moment, with almost 30 members, the STORES is the largest committee within Scintilla. The STORES is a small shop entirely run by students. Our goal is to offer cheap electronics and study needs. The STORES is located in the Edu-cafe in the Zilverling and is open every weekday 12:30h - 13:30h.

On this page you will find information on the various services we offer. Do you have a question? Send us an e-mail, but even better, just visit our shop for a personal advice.

If you would like to stay up to date one our product selection you can become friends with our mascot, Mr Mu.

Frequently asked questions:

  • You don't have to be a member of Scintilla to be able to buy at our shop.
  • If you want to order something, you do.
  • Order via e-mail / web is not possible.
  • You can only pick up your ordered goods after you have received an e-mail from us.
  • If you are already a member of another study association, Scintilla membership is E 5,-.
  • You can use your bank card at the STORES, using EMV (the successor of PIN).

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Opening hours

The STORES will be closed for the annual stock count from December 10th to December 14th 2018.

The STORES is opened every weekday from 12:30 to 13:30 hours.

During university holidays we are closed.


The STORES is located in the Educafé in building Zilverling at the University of Twente. After entering the Zilverling turn left to enter the Educafé. Then turn right and find the STORES as the second counter (room no. E103).

Study books

If you are a member of study association Scintilla, you can order your study books using the link in the My Scintilla menu. Scintilla will send you an e-mail to remind you of this fact every quartile. Since 2013, the books will be delivered to your own home by post.


E-mail: stores@scintilla.utwente.nl
IRC: #stores @ IRCnet (not recommended for serious business)
Or just visit our shop!

Electronic components

We offer a wide selection of components ranging from resistors and capacitors to cables and smd.

The cart

We also sell second hand electronics. During opening hours you will find a cart outside the STORES, with lots of electronics on it. If you would like to buy something, take it to the counter and start haggling!

Note: items from the cart are sold without any warranty!

Have you got any old electronic device you think someone could use? Bring it to the STORES. Our employees will check if it is of any use and, if so, put it on the cart.


It is possible to place orders at the STORES. We can order at NedisFarnellRS-ComponentsTME and Mouser. You can complete an orderform at our counter or at home (download the orderform here). You will have to print it and sign it and then bring it to the STORES. Incomplete or unsigned forms will not be processed!

The delivery time depends on our suppliers and the available amount of time of our purchasers. This means that we can not guarantee short delivery times!